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Wheelchair Basketball Canada developed the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model for wheelchair basketball to support the development of our sport. The main principles, goals and recommendations of the LTAD model are described in the Wheelchair Basketball LTAD Overview document.

The present LTAD Technical Appendix provides detailed guidelines for coaches and program designers who deliver wheelchair basketball programs to athletes at each stage of the LTAD pathway. The Technical Appendix provides practical information with regard to logical training, competition and recovery for athletes at each stage of LTAD, according to whether athletes have chosen recreational participation or high-performance competition.

Goals of the LTAD Model

  • To provide a consistent, acceptable framework for coaches to use in developing players.

  • To provide consistent leadership in the development of wheelchair basketball in Canada.

  • To provide age and stage appropriate competition-to-practice ratios that will allow our players to develop skills appropriate to their stage of development.

  • To ensure the relative emphasis on winning vs. development is appropriate for each stage of development.

  • To ensure that the fundamental movement and mental, technical and tactical wheelchair basketball skills are being introduced in a systematic and timely way.

  • To ensure appropriate considerations are taken to design programs that will be inclusive and allow everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • To recognize the importance of quality leadership at all levels of programming.

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