Membership is open to any individual, organization or club interested in wheelchair basketball. BCWBS has Athlete (Juniors U19 & Adult), Parent/Guardian, Coach, Supporter, Club Affiliate, Official/Classifier, and Life membership categories. Membership dues are collected annually in September (Membership Season: September 1 - August 31).  

Membership Fees

*Membership fee covers one parent or legal guardian of any individual under 19 who registers to take part in any program run by the Society, including the Let's Play chair loan program will become a Parent/Guardian Member for a period of one year upon being named on the relevant registration form and payment of the prescribed registration fees that year.

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The benefits of BC Wheelchair Basketball Society Membership include:
*there are limited benefits to non-Canadian residents

BCWBS provides insurance coverage for individual members through Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc. This coverage includes general accident and third party liability and covers all training and competition activities authorized by BCWBS and your club. Directors' Liability Insurance for clubs is also included.

*non-Canadian residents must have their own insurance coverage from their country of origin

Individual members are eligible to participate in regular BCWBS programming and sanctioned regional, provincial and national level events such as the BC-CWBL, Development Programs, Junior & Mini-Basket Camps and Tournaments, Canada Games and Provincial Team Programs which includes training and competitions. Members are also eligible to participate in the BCWBS Wheelchair Loan Program and may be recognized through the BCWBS Annual Awards Program.

Individual members are given consideration for certain funding:

  • Athlete Excellence Fund - High Performance athletes, once a year application process

  • National Team Assessment Support

  • Travel Subsidy, for certain events (funding dependent)

  • Support to athletes chosen for Provincial Teams to attend certain tournaments

  • Member clubs are eligible to apply for the BCWBS Regional Club Grant program open to applications annually

For further information on funding, please email

*not applicable to non-Canadian residents

Members receive electronic issues of newsletter throughout year, keeping them informed and up-to-date on wheelchair basketball programs, current events, tournaments, and other wheelchair basketball news from around the Province. Members are encouraged to contribute to these publications. The BCWBS website is also a key source of information for members.

Members receive information on BCWBS programs, camps and clinics, jamborees, workshops, competitions and special events.

BC Wheelchair Basketball has a resource library available to all members. On occasion development resources and equipment are also made available to registered clubs throughout the province.

Individual Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Classifiers, Supporters, and Life members 19 and older have full voting privileges at the BCWBS Annual General Meeting. Affiliate Clubs are provided one vote at the AGM through an identified representative. Juniors U19 and individuals listed as only club affiliate members do not have voting privileges.

Your BCWBS membership also includes membership to Wheelchair Basketball Canada. Coaches also will also be registered as members of the Coaches Association of BC. As such, your membership information may be shared with these organizations.

Club Affiliate Membership

All BCWBS Clubs must register annually with BCWBS and complete a separate registration form. This form will include information on all local club participants (athletes, coaches, officials, and board members) participating in your programs on a regular or drop-in basis. This will ensure all wheelchair basketball participants are properly insured and accounted for in British Columbia.

In addition to the benefits listed above affiliate clubs will receive:

  • designation as an official BC Wheelchair Basketball Member Club

  • access to support and guidelines for program delivery and event hosting which includes the city league, schools program, tournament hosting, wheelchair loan management and more

  • support from BCWBS coaches re: program development and when possible community visits to assist with planning and special programming such as skills camps and game days

  • access to support regarding policies and procedures to govern your club (ie code of conduct, harassment)

  • club development support such as how to become a society, partnership building, promotions, athlete development resources, coach and officials education

  • exposure and promotion of club programs and events through the BCWBS website and electronic communication such as the BCWBS Newsletter and Calendar of Events

  • insurance for individuals who only participate locally and do not travel to other BCWBS programs and events as well as Directors and Officers insurance at the club level

  • access to special grants and fund develop opportunities

  • one vote per club at the BCWBS annual general meeting

To clarify, individuals who participate in BCWBS organized programs/events will also be required to obtain and pay for an individual membership. These include but are not limited to the BC-CWBL, Provincial Team Programs, Canada Games, and programs locally run by the BCWBS office such as the development programs and junior programs.

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If you have a BCWBS wheelchair, as part of our loan program, you must also have an active BCWBS membership. Click for the current Wheelchair Loan Program Registration Form.

Wheelchair Loan Registration

Affiliate Club Members Registration Form --to register/submit the members of the club - please email

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