Hoopfest 2022 Success!

May 20, 2022

How awesome was Hoopfest 2022 you might be asking?

So awesome that BCWBS is pleased to announce that we raised amost $40, 000 with the 2022 event.

After a 2 year hiatus of not being able to host in-person events like this, it was spectacular fun night seeing  community and corporate partners and friends come together to raise money for our Let's Play and BCCWBS programs.

And of course there was the wheelchair basketball happening on 2 courts too!

Check out our Facebook page for a selection fof photos showcasing the fun we had!

2022 Hoopfest Championship went to Surrey Firefighters

2022 Champions -Surrey Firefighters coached by Gloria Chan and Saskia Speed
2nd Place Winners - Team Oval, coached by Katie Miyazaki and Kelly Harris

Thank you to all the Hoopfest 2022 Team for participating

Without our amazing Community and Corporate Partners this event wouldn't be the success that it is!


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Thank you for supporting Hoopfest 2022

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