2023 John Lundie Awards

March 27, 2023

John Lundie passed away in 2020 and his friends and family have kept his spirit alive with the introduction of the John Lundie Awards.

The first recipients were honoured at the 2023 BC Games on March 26th.

Each team selected a recipient that embodied the "Most Heart" -  You have brought the team together through your commitment to working hard for not only yourself but also for the Team.

Here's to "Showing up Every Day."

L-R-Back: Janet Lundie, Shelby Borschawa - Zone 8, Lily Brook - Zone 2
L-R Front:  Charlotte Chan - Zone 4/5, Brandon Twaites - Zone 3, Maraika McConchie - Zone 6

Here is a sneak peak into who John Lundie is.

John Lundie (1955-2020)

Being a competitive athlete was at John’s core and sport was always a big part of his life. He was driven, dogged and committed to being the best. There was

no such thing as a practice or a game that didn’t matter to him. When John lost his leg to cancer as a 19 year old, athletics and sport was critical

to not just his recovery but to redefining who he was after this loss. Initially this was about fighting back but it evolved into commitment and friendship.

Basketball was always his passion and he played competitively for over 20 years proudly representing Manitoba, BC, and Canada. Playing at any level was

special to him because he loved the teamwork and the game. He was a student of the game and there was always something he could do better whether it was

working on his shooting mechanics, improving his fitness, modifying his wheelchair, or studying tactics.

This award is a basketball to honour John’s memory.

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