Time to Cheer - Support BCWBS

| Jan 26, 2012 |

BCWBS needs to generate 225 cheers for our grant applciation to Molson in support of the 2012 Nationals that we are hosting in May. 

Although it might take you a few minutes as you need to sigh up and log in to be able to cheer us, we would greatly appreciate your support for us so that we could make this big event a huge success! 

Please also pass this along to your friends and family! 

Here are the directions to cheer.

• Each project is allowed one cheer per person through the online cheering application where you register through our Molson Insider program (by email and/or facebook to connect).
• Cheer’ers must be of legal drinking age
• Projects that receive 225 cheers or more will become a finalist and will be evaluated by the Molson Coors Community Cheer Board to determine winning projects.
• Cheering must be completed by February 17th, 2012.

Steps to CHEER:

1. Find your project/the project you want to support (i.e. BC Wheelchari Basketball Society)  at www.ourcommunitycheer.com
2. Click “insider login/signup” on the page of the project you’re interested in - Molson Insider is our program that ensures participants are Canadian residents and legal drinking age.
3. If you are already a Molson Insider, enter your user email and password and click “sign in” to login
4. If you are not a Molson insider, register below by completing the full form to (takes about 1 min) You can also use facebook connect button to help you register through your facebook account.
5. Once you have signed in or registered to Molson insider, you will see the option to CHEER (the program will give you an avatar hands image to use as your cheer icon if you have chosen NOT to register through facebook)

NOTE: If you happen to receive an “invalid” email address message, please try a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail. Sometimes newer sites or business email accounts may not be fully registered email domains and may not work for registration purposes.


THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support!!!!!!